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Warlocks RisingThe Warlocks are a nationwide, one-percent motorcycle club, with a stronghold in Florida. Their members love their club, the brotherhood and freedoms of their one-percenter lifestyle. But these same passions are the root cause of their life’s biggest conflicts–the struggle to balance family life and the fight to find normalcy in this violent subculture. Our bikers battle daily with the same basic human issues and conflicts that we all do, but they find themselves having to fight harder, at times even risking their lives, because of this lifestyle choice. Each episode tracks our bikers as they attempt to solve their problems in their own way. While the basics of their conflicts are no different than situations faced by the average Joe, the specifics are truly unique to their one-percent world. In the end, they all must make sacrifices and pay the price for the freedoms they desire.

The Warlocks, the notorious Florida biker club, is getting its own series in “Warlocks Rising.” The four-episode drama, with Orlando as a frequent backdrop, debuts at 9 p.m. Friday on Discovery Channel.

Shotgun Warlocks 2013The series could fascinate fans of the drama “Sons of Anarchy,” and the rowdy, hard-bitten bikers are unlike any other reality performers. The series examines the Warlocks’ struggles to remain loyal to the club while dealing with family issues.

Strangely enough, however, the family issues are more compelling than the club. We see bikers interacting with children and grandchildren. One Warlock goes to mourn his wife at the cemetery, and he tells the camera crew not to come any closer because he wants privacy. Scenes of the bikers partying just don’t have the same power.

“Warlocks Rising” is produced in a flashy style, but how deep can it go in four episodes? And how deeply will it explore club members’ darker sides?

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